Story Telling

Castanier Gallery, Miami

February 16 - March 9, 2019
For Story Telling, Tilt presents new work that draws a bridge with the past, incorporating deconstruction, erasure, and raw materials, all with an anti-aesthetic foundation. He continually references the lineage of graffiti art, attempting to evoke memories of this subculture’s rebellious and anarchic past. The work emphasises the genre’s transience while simultaneously calling upon the layered and complex traditions solidified through years of artists’ practice in both the gallery and the urban sphere.
Tilt constructs a fragmented narrative in his paintings for Story Telling, revealing a dialogue between the signs and symbols of graffiti and the spaces and walls on which they reside. His work is almost archeological in nature, recalling lost moments in time by tracing a story through gestures. Layers of vibrant paint, sprayed and dripped, suggest hidden worlds and the mythos of destruction etched in the walls of the street.