Peintures Barbares

Lieu commun, Toulouse

September 24 - November 12, 2022
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Lieu-Commun, they invited Tilt an iconoclastic exhibition of paintings.
Painting considered from the perspective of the prosaic and the everyday, to get away from the clichés of the derisory glory of the conquering painter! An exhibition more choral than collective, the painting considered from its most classic forms as the painting to the most adventurous as the clothing or the furniture. In recent years, painting has undergone a major revival, the advent of digital technology has allowed it to be perceived again as a singular medium that does not compete with this new hegemony. The return to the handmade, both as an overcoming of the digital environment and as a simultaneous development of an ecological awareness, participates in this renewal of the pictorial.

Other artists : Debby Barthoux, Morgane Bertrande, Julien Bouillon, Catherine Branger, Tatiana Defraine, Jean Denant, Noël Dolla, Mickaël Duval, Valérie du Chéné et Régis Pinault, Philippe Fangeaux, Pierre Fisher, Adrien Fregosi, Thibault Gaudry, Philippe Hortala, Chad Keveny, Rebecca Konforti, Sam Krack, Jeanne Lacombe, Maurane Leder, Alex Less, Valéry Lorenzo, Arnaud Loumeau, Mathilda Marque Bouaret, Lori Marsala, Sarah Melen, Nicolas Milhé, Marion Mounic, Frédéric Périmon, Marianne Plo, Manuel Pomar, Pacôme Ricciardi, Guilhem Roubichou, Romain Ruiz-Pacouret, Katharina Schmidt, Emmanuel Simon, Cédric Teisseire, Jeanne Tzaut, Béatrice Utrilla, Christian Vialard, Marie Zawieja.

Photos : Cyril Boixel, Damien Aspe