Loud Paintings

Hangar 107, Rouen

January 20 - March 27, 2022
The radicalness and brutality of the exhibition Loud Paintings is the synthesis of many years of research. Those of an artist who has never ceased to explore the perfect plastic translation of one of his personal reflections: how to tell everything that is not seen by the public, when approaching the question of graffiti and its clandestine way of life?

In order to bring a first answer to this question, Tilt puts the visitor in an immersive installation, a faithful and detailed reproduction of places not well known by the general public. These are the abandoned factories and offices, these dark and sad places, reflections of a rapid and ineluctable march towards the fall, the end of a cycle. We ignore these forbidden places, absorbed as we are by a consumerist life, which does not care about the dramatic and destructive consequences of the capitalist way of life.

Tilt then presents a series of monumental canvases that appear, at first, perfectly abstract to the visitor. This is the second response of the artist, who blends in here in the role of a landscape painter. Each work brings together several hyper-realistic reproductions of wall details that conceal slices of life. These testimonies that we do not see, because they seem dirty and ugly. Yet these prints tell many stories, including the absurd and poetic one of the fight against graffiti vandalism.
Jean-Guillaume Panis

Photos : Benjamin Roudet, Juan Cruz Ibañez Gangutia