It hurts until it doesn’t

Art Paris at Grand Palais with Kolly Gallery, Zurich

April 5 - 9, 2018
TILT was at Art Paris Art Fair with the Kolly Gallery of Zurich to present a series entitled "It Hurts Until It Doesn't". The artist was rewarded by the fair through the "Art is alive - Promises" prize.
The "Promises" section is reserved for galleries that are less than six years old and features 12 promising galleries invited to present a maximum of three artists. The "Art is Alive, Promises" Prize will reward a young talent represented by the galleries in this sector dedicated to emerging creation at a key moment in its career.
The second edition of  L'art est vivant - Promesses Prize awarded on Thursday, April 5, 2018 the work of two artists: Matthias Schaareman, presented by the Rutger Brandt gallery (Amsterdam) and TILT, an artist from Toulouse presented by the Kolly gallery (Zürich).

"What unites Matthias Schaareman and Tilt is certainly the idea of the fragment. These two artists, in their own way, work as archaeologists, collecting traces, construction remains and details, objects, signatures of a still recent presence, stories of which there is almost nothing left (a priori) and other proofs of a passage, of a trace of life, even if fleeting, capable of enlightening the present.
Matthias Schaareman and Tilt - the first with gouaches on paper and the second with fragments of his own works in spray paint and acrylic on the wall - simply and assuredly tell us that nothing is lost, but above all, that nothing is lost. In these times of ruptures, fragmentation, opposition and compartmentalization of our daily life and of what should logically make sense, the two artists question themselves and us on the notions and stakes of the aesthetic coherence and cohesion, and thus "of the bond of necessity".

Denis Fizelier, founder of L'art est vivant