Future Primitive

Montresso Art Foundation

December 14, 2019 - February 8, 2020
Future Primitive reveals TILT’s artistic universe in a frontal vision, in which signs and references to the dense heritage of graffiti are concealed, juxtaposed, in order to filter a perfect sample of the Street. The artist never ceases to question this practice as an artistic process, breaking down the fragile and shifting boundaries of the work of art. His deep and sincere questioning is linked to an anti-retinal language of destruction, disintegration and erasure.
The wall is seen as a substrate for the painting, as a witness to history. He is inspired by its dilapidated and scarred surface. Like an archaeologist, he endeavours to reveal the past traces of the streets, those of the present and, he hopes, those of the future. He thus affirms the innate will of men to leave marks of their passages, from cave paintings to contemporary urban writing.
The exhibition resounds like an affirmation, that of an artist who defies a conventional relationship to the world.

Photos : Cyril Boixel