Hangar 107, Rouen

March 27 - May 26, 2019
Tilt and Craig Costello have both marked the history of graffiti. The first one with a throw-up that will stun many other graffiti artists. For how can one choose the name Tilt and its letters so abrupt and rectilinear to make them round and so smooth. The second one by developing the dripping as a style in its own right, whereas it was considered as a fault, a lack of mastery. These artists quickly distinguished themselves by affirming their ambition to push back the limits of this clandestine practice, which quickly spread throughout the world.
Naturally attracted to studio work, the two artists gradually confronted the white cube. In this context, they both abandoned the letter to focus on the more plastic and conceptual aspects of their art. To make "classic" graffiti on canvas did not make sense. It was a betrayal of its origins, the very spirit of a vandal practice.
Fundamentals is a landmark exhibition. A radical statement taking graffiti to unknown lands, because thought by two artists who tell us, but without showing it, the purity of the artist's gesture in front of the support.
Jean Guillaume Panis

Photos : Julien Tragin