Concrete Abstract

Megumi Ogita Gallery

April 1st - 30th, 2016
Much like Japanese calligraphy or “Shodo”, Tilt’s formative art of the letters shares the common idea that Shodo has
in searching for beauty in the alphabet. The writing is an expression and has been created from their practical words. From there, the letters take on a second dimension with an original beauty and shape under the artist’s standards. It’s not difficult to see the similarity between graffiti culture and Japanese calligraphy culture.
Tilt typically creates his works on a large canvas and imagines it is a large wall in an open space much like the time he spent sharpening his skills on the streets as a youngster. He writes on his canvas and then selects a part he deems the most abstract. This re-focus of the piece is another unique look into Tilt’s macro style expression.
His talent gives the viewer a high quality dynamic frame that creates visually stunning art. Tilt’s strength of lines are the result of experience and own demands; trademarks of his masterpieces that give a universal feel for his art and culture. These skills separate him from other contemporary graffiti writers and street artists. His sentient, formative, and beautiful pieces of art and the alphabet are understood by Japanese culture.

Photos : Kei Okano